Beauty Will Get You

May 6, 2018

Rev. Jeanne Pupke talks about the importance of keeping our creativity flowing.


Born Again

April 17, 2018

Rev. Sherman Logan talks about what being "Born Again" means to him - in the Unitarian Universalist tradition.


How Well Fits Your Shell

April 8, 2018

Lee Ann Washington uses the ananogy of the growth of the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab to help describe the process of spiritual growth.


Love Wins

April 1, 2018

This sermon by Walter Clark is in three parts: Love Wins: The Teacher (Jesus); The Prophet (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.); The Mission (Ours).


Circles of Kinship

March 25, 2018

Rev. Mary Katherine Morn talks about the Circles of Kinship that brought us to where we are today and that continue to push the boundries to move us forward.


Don’t Give Up

March 18, 2018

Rev. Sherman Logan talks about the need for resistance and challenges us to never give up!


Nevertheless, She Persisted

March 11, 2018

First UU Intern Minister Kelli McNeal talks about the need for individual and community perseverance in activism.


Naming the Center

March 5, 2018

Rev. Jeanne talks about naming (publicly) the qualities we associate with ourselves and living into them.


What is Enough?

February 25, 2018

Rev. Patricia Owens talks about the call to be the perfect host of radical philanthropy.